When I first read of the Nazi ideology of the perfect race, the perfect human, I was so driven by it. I mean, I didn’t like their approach to it but you sure can’t deny how brilliant the concept was. Ofcourse there are a million other ways they could’ve achieved this with, not denying including possibly peaceful ways too, but that’s not my point. Imagine how the world would’ve been today if all of us would’ve developed stage by stage into perfection. Chances are there wouldn’t have had been any pandemic because we all would’ve been immune to it.

The more I researched into it, I started looking into the mirror more. And each time, only one thought would strike my mind, “How perfectly flawed you’re!” There was no chance I would’ve been even a bit close to being the perfect human. The only thing that matches for that matter if I’ve to state is that I’m Aryan by birth being an Indian (Not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments here, and apologies if I did indeed!)

To tell you how flawed I’m, lets start with my hair. They’re thinning and I’m balding quickly and I’m soo young yet for any of this to start! This is soo sad. I’ve pimples all over my face. Imagine how ugly I must be looking. I’ve a droopy nose, you’ll find my hanky soaked in goo at all times. My mouth is structured in such a way, the upper teeth tend to hang ahead while the lower ones are pushed inside. Braces couldn’t fix this, can you imagine! I’m terribly fat, with almost additional two person’s fat being included inside one. Plus I’m brown and husky. Not fair, not fair. I can barely stand, my chicken legs don’t hold my bodyweight. How hard can life get.

So now if you’ve pictured this, you may think roughly how I must be looking. How beautiful is my skeleton. If I were there at the time then, I’m sure I must’ve been a dead carcus. But looking at the mirror gave me an insight, a period of reflection much needed to win the battle with self. So what if I’m flawed? Is anyone really perfect anyways. Everyone has their ups and downs. Everyone experiences pain and agony. Having everything doesn’t make one happy and not having anything doesn’t make one sad either. Perspective is important, but most importantly self acceptance.

Imagine this. If I don’t accept myself, how are others supposed to accept me. How can I see others eye to eye if I don’t see myself in the same way. Embracing what you have enhances you more than faking something just to get temporary satisfaction. So a lesson learnt for sure. Be beautiful in your own eyes, the world will gradually see it too! And if they don’t, who cares? You’re enough for your own good. Just smile away..

PS: I didn’t mean to hurt anyone here by pointing out how ugly one can be by having the above body features or so. I’m sorry if you felt offended.

18 thoughts on “Perfectly Flawed

  1. Like with the omnipotency and omnipresence of the supposed God, I get stuck at the word ‘perfect’ in the Nazi ideals. I can not imagine what omnipotent or omnipresent would look like, would be like… I haven’t the faintest idea what perfect is. Before we could possibly aim for creating the perfect human, we’d have to agree on what the perfect human is. I can’t fathom an agreement on that without murder.
    I once read that if a biology major would submit the human body, designed as it is, as a thesis, he would not pass for there are too many inefficiencies in this body. So we’d have to start with redesigning the human body. Now, that would be a new species.

    I’m glad you came to the insight of flawed perfection. It sounds a bit corny, but you can not love another till you can love yourself.


  2. Look who speaks about being a flawed mess. The little kiddo with oceanic eyes, and hair like that of a Foreigner!

    Anyways let’s talk about your post, I really wanna appreciate this one, it’s so needed in today’s time when people feel they aren’t enough, or when they take people’s opinion to be their reality! It’s sad, for they really need to appreciate what they got!

    You know I’ve been there, judging myself by my looks, dreading the pimples on my skin, and worrying about the hair fall. It’s really difficult to make our own self understand that we are beautiful the way we are.
    It took me a lot of time to accept my own self. So I totally relate to what you’ve written!

    Well written Shaunak!

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  3. The idea of perfection is indeed a fascinating one. If perfection is attaining a balanced life then we are all aiming to achieve it in our own different ways. Perfection then becomes analogous to growth and this is a better approach than the fractionating Nazi ideology.
    It is psychologically thrilling, and disturbing at the same time, reading about their idea of a master race and the extent to which they went. Oh!

    Shaunak I liked that you ended the post in a positive way.
    Just smile away… πŸ™‚

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  4. Hehehh.

    You know, I had written this last month but was so skeptical about what everyone would take it like having a mentality and different approach and body shaming and mocking someone who probably looks like this but then I finally firmed my mind to post it.

    I’m soo glad everyone’s taking it positively πŸ˜„

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  5. Thank you so much! Sarcasm is something I use like how a doctor uses stethoscope. Its much needed for me like my everyday coffee. I’m glad you liked it!πŸ˜πŸ˜„

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  6. Totally agreed! I don’t know why I fancy reading it knowing it’s brutality yet the Ideology is something that attracts me into it.

    I had to end it in a positive way. Or else I would’ve been a victim of other reader’s ideologies trying and explaining me why it is wrong πŸ˜…

    Thanks you!


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