I started this blog, more than a year ago, and the situation I'm in now is very much different than then. Work targets, personal commitments, and other things just take up all my time, with none left to read anyone's post nor the energy to write posts, all this just makes me feel all messed … Continue reading Pause

Desert Blues

Miles and miles of sand ashore Amidst the great majestic desertA man walked by all parchedQuench his thirst or he wouldn't last.Wide and as far the eyes could seeNot a single trace of water aroundThe sun shone bright that dayHe was all dried up like the hayDrooling and falling, he barely could walkHis eyes were … Continue reading Desert Blues

D(r)awn over the river

Away from the town,I wanted some escapeGathered a few of my friendsTo drive to beautiful landscapes Undecided destinationoff we decided to rideWe came by this bridgeWith a breathtaking scenic side We took a halt thereAnd stopped for the viewFor it was just about to dawn thenAnd on the bridge it was just us few The … Continue reading D(r)awn over the river

Universe calling

Do you all believe in the signs of the universe? Like you know the ones that appear when we want to do something, it tells us whether or not we should be going ahead with it. Now, if you ask me if such thing exists, theoretically it's all in the belief. But personally, I've had … Continue reading Universe calling