• When you randomly post a stupid comment on an online video and get 1k likes on your comment. If this isn’t an achievement then what is!

• You knockout a person in the comments section battle by making him/her fall short of words to defend their point. Boo yah! You just set the floor on fire!, I mean the comment section, lol.

• When your followERS count is more than your followING count, it sure is a big win!

• When there is more public viewing your story than there actually are your follower count, you surely are on the right step to becoming famous!, or for that matter socially famous. Haha.

• When you comment on a celebrity account, and that celebrity actually replies to your comment! Voilà, did you just get noticed?

• When you bymistake like a photo of your crush posted centuries ago because you couldn’t help but stalk. Luckily your net was off, so now your crush isn’t aware of it. Phew! Stalking successful.

• You follow someone on a social media, and that person follows you back too! Do good people still exist?

• When you upload a photo of yourself, and have doubts about it. But then there are your well-wishers everywhere all ready to uplift you! Go team go!

• When you enter a giveaway contest, and win! Did you hack it or was is a legitimate luck! Can’t say anything these days, haha!

• When a comment you make gets pinned/highlighted. Wow, what a comment ya!

• When you’re the first to view a video which has been just uploaded online. Brownie points if the video is uploaded by some famous social account! I still don’t get how this is a win, but it is for most because the first few comments I see say that they were the first to view…

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