Do you all believe in the signs of the universe? Like you know the ones that appear when we want to do something, it tells us whether or not we should be going ahead with it. Now, if you ask me if such thing exists, theoretically it’s all in the belief. But personally, I’ve had experienced enough to agree that it is there. Not denying the fact that it could be my brain playing it’s little tricks, but there’s no harm in following, if atmost, take it as fun activity.

For what it’s worth, I’ll give you an example of it. I’m a person who can never be on time to go to office. I mean, come what may, I’ve to get late. Period. Either I’ll oversleep in the morning, which too by the way will be for various reasons, like sometimes my alarm would just miss to buzz or would go off on its own, sometimes I wouldn’t hear the alarm ringing because I’d be in my deepsleep or maybe dreaming, or sometimes it’d like all the rest..I’d hear it ring, I’ll open my eyes, shut the alarm off, and again back to sleep. And on days if I bychance wake up early, then I can never enjoy this privilege of early morning- extra time thing because something or the other has to pop up. My geyser wont work, my toilet flush wouldn’t flush out the poop and so it’d take half an hour just there trying to flush it out completely, breakfast would take time, coffee wouldn’t boil early that day, and the list is countless. And once in a blue moon when I actually go through all this and have a lot of time in my hands where I think, ‘today I’ll reach office early’, that’s it! That will be the time when things fall apart. I won’t get my cab on time, there’ll be an accident on road, or the tire will get punctured. I’m telling you, it’s the universe’s way of saying, ‘what do you want to do by going early!’

But it works too. I reach my office usually not late than 15 minutes, and I find that most people have not reached. It’s like I guess, the universe has a mass public sign for it, hahah. Wondering what each one must be receiving what kinda sign, and if at all they pay attention to it. A little curious.

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