Miles and miles of sand ashore 
Amidst the great majestic desert
A man walked by all parched
Quench his thirst or he wouldn't last.

Wide and as far the eyes could see
Not a single trace of water around
The sun shone bright that day
He was all dried up like the hay

Drooling and falling, he barely could walk
His eyes were struggling to open up
He had made peace with his destiny
And was about to lie dead and skinny

Just then he thought that he saw
An oasis amidst this vast desert
Not sure if it's real or just reflection
But this got him some aspiration

With little more effort he headed straight
Heat was already killing him halfway
With every step that he'd take towards
The oasis would seem to move forward

There reached a time he could walk no more
Fell on the ground, with all hopes shattered
The oasis was still afar away like before
Death seemed to welcome him on its shore

A traveller passing by on a camel saw
The man lay dead, dried on the ground
He got down his camel to check if the man's alive
He could sense the man breathing his last lives

So he gave the man some water that he had
Life rushed by inside like a flowing river
The traveller then helped him with a camel ride
Away from the desert now, the man reached safe tide

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