PS: I’m stating this at the start of the poem only because I’m soo excited about this. And there are 2 reasons for that. First and foremost, I wrote a part two to my earlier poem “All that Jitters” only after being pushed to write by a lot of my friends and readers. I hope I’ve done justice to this! And secondly, this poem is a collaboration with the very talented Rashmi Awtani . Although this time, we wrote our versions of the Date in the poem, yet unknowingly we ended up having a few similarities. So don’t forget to check her version of it too! We didn’t read the other’s poem until they wrote it in entirety, and then we decided we’d show vividity by means of presenting everyone with our own perceptions about it. So both hers’ and mine are complete raw versions, we didn’t make any changes in the original. Enjoy!

We sat on the two-opposite ends of the table,
Facing each other, I would smile every time she looked...
Nervousness rising as I would roll my eyes,
From left to right onto her it always lies!

The first half hour went by like that,
Not one word spoken by either of us!
I’m sure she’s as nervous as I’m now,
I really want to break the ice but don’t know how!

I clear my voice first as I’m about to speak,
Her beauty makes me fumble a few words; she starts laughing!
Atleast it’s a good start for now, I say to myself..
I think the date will go a lot smoother if we're just ourselves!

Its not that we never went out for having dinners..
But you know it’s different now as its’ our first as lovers!
Since we’ve known each other for many a year..
There’s nothing what the other don’t know or needs to hear!

Finally we decide it’s time to place our orders..
As the rats start eating the butterflies in our stomach!
We order some creamy Fettuccine and some white wine,
Both of us so hungry, forget the date, we focused on the dine!

Food served hot as I completely forgot,
Lost in thoughts of her, I took a bite..
Huff hoof, the steam flowing out of my mouth,
And my eyes start to tear down as I shout!

If you think this was embarrassing,
You've mistaken, as this was just the start!
The food I eat always end up on my pants leaving a stain..
Ohh my, clumsiness is such a complete pain!

She couldn't help control her laughter..
And with this our awkward silence was over!
Now finally it felt like a date after long,
The resto dedicated us with a special song!

For desserts we ordered a Fondue for two..
And she knows that I dont share my food!
But here I was feeding her from my own plate,
She could see all the love in my eyes as she ate!

What all love makes one do we both wondered!
'Joey sharing food' is the most unexpected.
For a second, we happened to have a moment,
Which just made me sure, together we're meant!

Something magical was about to happen..
Just then the waiter popped by with check!
She smiled amusingly as I removed my card,
One whole moment was broken to shard!

Thinking, couldn't the waiter would've waited a bit..
Whats the point in calling him a waiter if he cannot wait!
A hearty meal was going to be followed by a kiss..
Now I dont know when this will happen again, as the time's missed!

I felt like yelling at the waiter for his bad timing,
But then she calmed me down telling it's okay;
How effortlessly she does it, I'm always swayed away
Paid the check; left the restaurant hand-in-hand to go our way.

The valet got us our car from the parking,
This time he's the one who opened the doors for us!
We sat into the car, giggling amongst ourselves,
As I'm sure the valet must be thinking how weird couples are themselves!

23 thoughts on “All that Jitters -2

  1. Ha ha, “Joey sharing food” cleverly used. Nicely written and the ‘waiter could have waited’ too. 😊
    Beautiful composition Shaunak. Enjoyed reading through it. My day today starting off with a big smile reading both your poems 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Inspite being lucky enough to enjoy the premier of your poem, reading it over the web officially makes me happy all over again.

    You know this thing that ever since I know you, I’ve always been adoring your work and it was such a pleasure working with you.

    This poem again keeps the reader hooked and excited throughout.
    The phrases like-
    “Joey doesn’t share food”
    “clearing throat before speaking to break the ice”
    ” Her childlike giggle and laughter”
    Being a girl I can imagine it so well and despite not being on a date ever, I feel the jitters of same so so well. The scene plays in front of my eyes.
    Adding realistic touch to it by saying things about the chauffeur and the funny part of “waited can’t wait” and stuff.

    All in all beautiful one once again!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. That was yet again worth reading, man!!😂😂
    The clumsiness and then not so perfect kinda things made it even more relatable. I can say in my case, at least.😝

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ohh Joy! I didn’t anticipate your comment!
    And there you are to surprise me again!
    Thats true, i wouldn’t deny that working together was really fun, and I’m looking forward for more of such or the same!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I cannot imagine anyone else except you saying that the rats started eating the butterflies in our stomach 😅. Smiled throughout and bursted into giggles a few times🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m known for my violence 😬
    Ofcourse you’ll laugh, been the only one here who knows me in person can expect none other reaction than this!
    Laugh all your while, whatever floats your boat :p 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Liked by 1 person

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