Life’s Only Valuable Emotion

Love isn't for everyone, for it doesn't come cheap. You pay a price which you can't afford if ever you lose it.-Shaunak (Yeah, that's me) Hahah, yeah I know it isn't as funny as I thought it out to be, but I'm sure the idea I wanted to demonstrate has perfectly reached where it's supposed … Continue reading Life’s Only Valuable Emotion

Much Educated.

The world is advancing rapidly. And as it’s rightly said, change is the new constant. We're growing everyday, learning and adapting to everything that's new. And not just ourselves, we're updating technologically too. From wheels, to chariots, to cars and now flying cars, we have advanced a lot. The person who made the wheel didn't … Continue reading Much Educated.


It’s yet locked down for now, God knows since how many days! I lost the count back at 33... “It’s going to last long” some say.   For the power of unity, that kept us going, Is not what is required as of this hour... Unlike the earlier times, how we stood alongside, Breaking the … Continue reading Lockdown

The chatter

I'm sure this quarantine and social-distancing must have resurfaced a lot of hidden talents in you. Starting from simple colouring and painting to perhaps cooking meals or even snacks for the family or just for yourself because sitting home all time makes us more hungry than ever. How ironic it is that we always wished … Continue reading The chatter