The phone rang. Unknown caller. I picked up. Before I could say Hello, the person on the other side said, "Heyy". 1 word, just 1 word I heard and my heart skipped a beat. I knew who called, very well aware. Just that I hadn't anticipated a call this soon, and moreover at this time … Continue reading Untitled


Festivity cleansing. It's a regular in the house. Like the most recent one was for the festival of Lights, Diwali. All nook and corner of the house is wiped clean so that when guests arrive at home, the atmosphere should be pure and uninterrupted. The cleaning starts almost a week before the festival just so … Continue reading Cleansing

So tell me…

Have you had a dayWhere you felt so lowYou reached the bottomYet fear you'll sink furthermoreHave you had a dayWhen you felt so happyYou reached the cloud nine aboveAnd danced all holly jollyHave you had a dayWhen you were such a straight faceYou wouldn't smirk or frown a bitAnd look like life is sucked dry … Continue reading So tell me…

Some Jibberish

I solemnly swear that I'm upto no good,.. oh wait. I mean my intentions were pure, but i was naive, and my situation, well you can read it for yourself! 'Cheap Thrills' playing in my car when I'm waiting for the signal to turn Green. A female begger comes begging near my car window.Me: No, … Continue reading Some Jibberish

Trapped Mind

It is at times that I feel I'm lost,Everything faded as I'm standing amongst..Empty is the feeling on the inside,Oh wait, am I trapped inside my own mind?Lots of tricks it plays with me.Hard to figure what really is the reality..The light at the end of the tunnel,Turns out to be the moon in a … Continue reading Trapped Mind