As a kid, I was always famished by the idea of adopting a small cute little puppy to play around with. I’m sure most of y’all must have been in my shoes wherein we urged our parents to get one for us and all we got in return was a reply that would hurt our sentiments, but more nearly our self respect, “one is already enough in the house, I don’t want another”. Though metaphorically, yet we would be hit with the highest level of reality slap as to our position in the house which was referred to no less than that of a dog. It’s funny how I’d and I’m sure most of you would also go to school the next day with the excitement of telling our friends how our moms compared us directly with a dog.

However ill the comparison be, but it’s inevitable how a dog is really a man’s and also a woman’s (for all the feminist readers) best friend. Only I wish was if they could speak. Yes. I know its the ultimate feeling in the world when your best friend listens to you, but it’s also nice when they speak. I wouldn’t term them harmony, but it’s pleasing.

Dogs sense us completely and are most understanding. Imagine wanting unfiltered opinions on being dressed up for some occasion or upset over something and not wanting to express up, dogs understand such things instantly and hence would speak you out of it along with all that licking on the face. Instant mood enhancer. That “I wish you could understand what I’m saying” reaction in front of our dog would be a reality. And who know, the bond between human and animals might increase to the next level with humans communicating with dogs and dogs with other animals.

 I’m a big time chatterbox and can talk for hours straight and being an introvert, I don’t really talk with everyone. Having such a best friend to interact with who’d listen to you however long without a frown on the face is sheer blessing. And the best part, they wouldn’t leave you for anyone, ever! Not even for a bribe of say, a huge bone.

It’s really exciting, if this was true, but I’m also fortunate enough for having a human best friend of similar traits, because ofcourse, like all moms, my mom too compared me with a dog when I asked her to adopt one for me. Moms, really!

Sack Seat Driving

Bean bags. Sack seat. Whatever you call it. This homie is the ultimate comfort seat in the house. I feel the recliners are utter useless in front of this chair with so much comfort and warmth. To be a little honest here, i literally did not leave my bean bag even for a minute when it first arrived. Spent my entire day on it followed by the night. Didn’t get up. Not once. Ofcourse I got up for urinating, if that’s what you’re thinking, it’s pretty understood, isn’t it?

Imagine this badass is fitted inplace of the seats in a car. Imagine the level of ease while sitting and fun while driving. A complete augmented reality experience, except that its real. It would be like playing need for speed on a PS4 with the console being the steering wheel and we would be on the goddamm road. It would be like a dream come true for all us boys as the joy of driving would reach the next level with the bean bag being the perfect soft cushion for our tush and a perfect painkillers for the back aches we all experience from driving on the not so comfortable shaped seats. Long trips would be easy on the body. Also, if not long trips, we all are aware of the traffic on roads and the long amount of time it takes to ride in a four wheeler even for a short distance. So even for such long hours of sitting in the car, this would prove to be of most use.

Seatbelt feature would still have to be installed. Its not always that the roads cause accidents, its also sometimes the careless “I’m the boss here” feeling drivers that drive so on the edge like they own the road, anyone around driving normally would have a hard time dodging it which in turn leads to fatal mishaps. So, not having seatbelts is not a wise option I would say. For more comfort, we could have them made from something soft, like perhaps maybe similar to our bag straps so that they are easy on us at the same time protective.

As a kid back then, I’d always fall asleep in the back seat. And with this installed now, I’d still lay down comfortably in the back with the window lay open and the breeze gently running down my cheeks. I’m sure y’all must be reliving those moments in thoughts right now. Its just one of those ‘back-seat’ things. So, who is up for having their car modified this way now, eh?


Deforestation. Amazon forest fires. The recent Australian forest fires. I know, and you know it too that the earth’s green cover is depleting. Our innumerable efforts cannot bring back the balance it once had because of various reasons, population explosion being the topmost of all followed by the greed of people to ask for more from nature. I’m not putting up any opinion here. All I’m pointing out at is what if trees gave us something more than they currently give. Something like such you know for example, when one of your precious things gets in the hands of a toddler, you try to distract the toddler’s attention by showing him something that is more precious to him so that he leaves what he’s holding and runs behind the new. Exactly same thing I’m saying here.

Imagine all of a sudden the trees in the world turn into a walk through doorway! Yeah, you read that right. Just walk through it and be teleported to the place you want to go. Something exactly like a fairytale, but with technology in it instead of the magic unlike the books. Sounds interesting?

I wake up. Feel so bored to go to office, which is like in the other part of the world for me living in Mumbai, we all know how much time it takes to travel even 1 freaking kilometer in this congestion and bottleneck traffic. Push myself everyday to earn my bread in the ever crowded locals of the city where its dread impossible to breathe in the sweaty and stinky smelling after-office crowd. You surely must be imagining this right now and you, my friend, know my pain in here.

Now imagine this. I wake up. Like every day. But this time, I wake up excited, because now, unlike the old times, I’d be travelling through my teleportation tree. How convenient! Not only this tree would ease transportation, but also decrease the vehicles on the road. Again, problem of pollution is at bay. Sound like a single shot and 2 birds down, right? No offence here animal activists, but by killing birds, here I mean them metaphorically, I swear. Peace.

Best part about this, we can have our very own, personal teleportation device right in our building or society or terrace or bathroom or whatever. How convenient to just pop by our best friend’s house to meet or spy on our crush. Relief in life. Sounds so surreal, right! I just hope one day this turns reality. And that day, people might actually stop harming trees. What do you think?

A little Peek into my World

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

George R.R. Martin

I’ll slip in my little secret with you over here. I’ve this weird knack of seeing the world differently. I don’t look for the obvious. And this is what bought me here to put those visuals into writing. My abstract ideas and thoughts which might sound crazy but sure blow your minds off.

I want you to sit with me in this roller coaster and experience the thrills and chills of vibrant imagination. It’ll make you end up saying. “I wish this was true!” More of, they’ll be just hardly 2 minute reads. So you can still have those 1,438 minutes of the day to do whatever you do. And hey, colour up your Monday Blues as this blog won’t make you dull is what I’m utmost sure of!

So stay tuned for Monday mornings and you know where to find me eh! Follow me here on WordPress to stay connected not just by heart, but also through us reader’s guild. Happy Reading Fellas!