I don’t remember any of this, as I’ve been hearing about it since it happened. I was a toddler then, barely 2 months had passed since I started walking. We had gone to a Hill-Station over the weekend for a getaway.

While I was playing with my Chu-chu (my favorite toy train) in the backyard of the Bungalow, a monkey came with a banana in his hand. He offered me. I took. He was looking at me, keenly. I was looking at him like a total dumb. He then raised his arm and shook hands with me. I was a bit puzzled, but didn’t really bother. Everything was going good so far until, I turned my back at him to play with my Chu-chu and suddenly this monkey pulls my pants down! He laughs and then runs away. My parents burst into laughter onto seeing this whole thing and as soon as I heard them laugh, I started crying. Don’t know if at that age I realized that it was kind of an insult or fun, or just mere 3 apes laughing at me made me go bonkers.

Nevertheless, my parents make it a point that they never forget this incident as well making sure I don’t too! Reminding me every now and then. I’m going to regret this the rest of my life, ugh.

PS: I had submitted this for a competition which ended yesterday. The results will be out in a few days hopefully in my favour. Fingers crossed! The category I chose was ‘Entertainment’ and had a 200 to 250 word limit. I always send my posts to 2-3 random close friends from different age groups and educational backgrounds, randomly for critical evaluation trying to understand how they perceive a post and based on the response, I always submit it. Surprisingly, they all had similar reaction and hence I decided to post it here too. Hope you guys too enjoy it as much as they and I did. Happy Reading!

17 thoughts on “Monkey Butt

  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Well, I wouldn’t deny that it’s real, but not agree either 😬
    Thanks a lot!, these guys r taking too long to announce the results..testing my anxiety 😅

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