The void between us

Do you know how dreadful it is, to even think about it! It's been like almost 10 months now, we haven't been able to meet. We live in the same city but right at the opposite ends! Few many lot kilometers in between us, well, this is about my best friend! First Covid, then exams, … Continue reading The void between us

Switch the power OFF

Do you do it too? Or am I the only one who's this weird. I mean, I don't know if it's wrong to do it or not, but it's something I need atleast few times, and now more often than before. If you'd see it from your perspective, it may seem wrong, but try putting … Continue reading Switch the power OFF


Festivity cleansing. It's a regular in the house. Like the most recent one was for the festival of Lights, Diwali. All nook and corner of the house is wiped clean so that when guests arrive at home, the atmosphere should be pure and uninterrupted. The cleaning starts almost a week before the festival just so … Continue reading Cleansing

Take Me Back

To the time when there were sparrows outside my window, chirping all along as they ate the berries off the trees. Ohh the melody still rings fresh in my ears. To the time when the locality was more like a township. Less people and more greenery. Now I see it's just the other way around, … Continue reading Take Me Back