Something to Learn

Thursday night. I was sitting by my balcony after dinner, on my old rustic looking, distressed lazy chair. Its February and its chilled, but of course you know, the cold in Mumbai which has like the minimum temperature recorded ever of just 7.4°C. Now this is almost the average daily temperature in most parts of … Continue reading Something to Learn

Box Unbox

I'll begin by telling y'all that I didn't receive it. However, I'd have loved it if it was delivered to my place. Can't imagine what my first thoughts would've been, surprised, pretty obvious, but would they have been happy, excited, tensed, well I don't know. Nonetheless I'll tell you what it is, or rather I'll … Continue reading Box Unbox

What Day

I've this genuine question in my mind which I've been wanting to ask you guys for a long long time now. I've had asked this to my friends off-Wordpress and peers at work, but I couldn't find any pleasing answer to it. And so I'm throwing this question open to you guys now. Ofcourse, it's … Continue reading What Day