Desert Blues

Miles and miles of sand ashore Amidst the great majestic desertA man walked by all parchedQuench his thirst or he wouldn't last.Wide and as far the eyes could seeNot a single trace of water aroundThe sun shone bright that dayHe was all dried up like the hayDrooling and falling, he barely could walkHis eyes were … Continue reading Desert Blues

Something to Learn

Thursday night. I was sitting by my balcony after dinner, on my old rustic looking, distressed lazy chair. Its February and its chilled, but of course you know, the cold in Mumbai which has like the minimum temperature recorded ever of just 7.4°C. Now this is almost the average daily temperature in most parts of … Continue reading Something to Learn

Few days until…

Laughter. Fun. Bunking lectures. Unplanned travels. Food, all day. Ugh, what days those were. With the best people in life. And who would've known that now would come a time when each one is getting married. It just seems like yesterday we're sitting in Starbucks, enjoying our hot chocolates, discussing whose home to head next, … Continue reading Few days until…


Got a new canvas to paint Its black, just like my heart Staring at the blank board Thinking about my fresh start Not many days have passed by Since the new beginnings I dont know what to paint On my life's current innings I pick up the brush Dipped it into a random paint As … Continue reading Canvas