Something to Learn

Thursday night. I was sitting by my balcony after dinner, on my old rustic looking, distressed lazy chair. Its February and its chilled, but of course you know, the cold in Mumbai which has like the minimum temperature recorded ever of just 7.4°C. Now this is almost the average daily temperature in most parts of … Continue reading Something to Learn


The phone rang. Unknown caller. I picked up. Before I could say Hello, the person on the other side said, "Heyy". 1 word, just 1 word I heard and my heart skipped a beat. I knew who called, very well aware. Just that I hadn't anticipated a call this soon, and moreover at this time … Continue reading Untitled

The chatter

I'm sure this quarantine and social-distancing must have resurfaced a lot of hidden talents in you. Starting from simple colouring and painting to perhaps cooking meals or even snacks for the family or just for yourself because sitting home all time makes us more hungry than ever. How ironic it is that we always wished … Continue reading The chatter