Have it all, yet have it none

I often wake up at night Not from the nightmares But from the realities That lash out all at once It's so difficult to live With all sorts of privileges Born with a silver spoon And fed with the same Just name it and I'd say Nothing but only yes Having it all is not … Continue reading Have it all, yet have it none


Got a new canvas to paint Its black, just like my heart Staring at the blank board Thinking about my fresh start Not many days have passed by Since the new beginnings I dont know what to paint On my life's current innings I pick up the brush Dipped it into a random paint As … Continue reading Canvas

Life printed

A few days ago I came across this rather odd thought, and now I just can't stop thinking about it. I belong to the same sect and do it to other's or for others on almost a regular basis. But never did I really think what it would be like to play the victim. What … Continue reading Life printed

To my Best Friends,

Some people you wish you had met earlierTheir presence now makes your life more merrierThey are now so intertwined with your life insideIts easier to untangle earphones but not their side I once so madly wondered what's it like to have a twinAnd when i met this person, found my answers withinThe only person whom … Continue reading To my Best Friends,


It's often not surreal you're lost in life. The one who does know nothing of what to do, and just whine inside. Heavy heart, mind sore, you carry on your life. It's your own battle that needs to be fought, own evils that needs to be destroyed. Slay it, sounds easy in theory, but the … Continue reading Just.