The void between us

Do you know how dreadful it is, to even think about it! It's been like almost 10 months now, we haven't been able to meet. We live in the same city but right at the opposite ends! Few many lot kilometers in between us, well, this is about my best friend! First Covid, then exams, … Continue reading The void between us

Switch the power OFF

Do you do it too? Or am I the only one who's this weird. I mean, I don't know if it's wrong to do it or not, but it's something I need atleast few times, and now more often than before. If you'd see it from your perspective, it may seem wrong, but try putting … Continue reading Switch the power OFF


The other day I boarded a local Bus to commute from a place back home. The seats are arranged in pairs of 2 with one facing the window and other, the aisle. The systems in local busses here is that there are no seat numbers alloted. So, as far as you have a valid ticket, … Continue reading Magnet


Anymore, no one's mind is their own- Chuck Palahniuk Well, this wasn't never the case with the typical aunts and uncles I had back then, whose nose was probably longer than pinoccio. And living right under their noses has made me quite an expert in terms of how to deal with them, ofcourse primarily starting … Continue reading mind-FULL


The phone rang. Unknown caller. I picked up. Before I could say Hello, the person on the other side said, "Heyy". 1 word, just 1 word I heard and my heart skipped a beat. I knew who called, very well aware. Just that I hadn't anticipated a call this soon, and moreover at this time … Continue reading Untitled