All that Jitters..

Time confirmed, the place is finalised..Going on a date finally after all this while!Can't get rid of this jitters and butterflies,I try and pretend, but my mind knows it's all lies!So much to do and it's already past noon,We'll be eating at the rooftop under the moon.It's our first you see, after we knew we … Continue reading All that Jitters..

Stronghold withhold

Gushing by the windYet flowing slowShould I fly highOr should I fly lowHermit I've beenFor a long time nowLetting my territory invadeI want to, but how?Walls so highI've built over yearsPreventing the tattlersFrom putting their earsNow of all suddenYou ask of me this muchIt's not easy for meTo being open for suchI still want to … Continue reading Stronghold withhold


Yeah, I know! People give me that look when they get to know I'm into books. I mean, what's wrong in that? Some are into girls, some into guys, some..into food and then comes me, I'm always book hungry. Atleast now do you think it's normal? It's always with people that when a platter of … Continue reading Bookworm

Box Unbox

I'll begin by telling y'all that I didn't receive it. However, I'd have loved it if it was delivered to my place. Can't imagine what my first thoughts would've been, surprised, pretty obvious, but would they have been happy, excited, tensed, well I don't know. Nonetheless I'll tell you what it is, or rather I'll … Continue reading Box Unbox