Take Me Back

To the time when there were sparrows outside my window, chirping all along as they ate the berries off the trees. Ohh the melody still rings fresh in my ears. To the time when the locality was more like a township. Less people and more greenery. Now I see it's just the other way around, … Continue reading Take Me Back

Monkey Butt

I don’t remember any of this, as I've been hearing about it since it happened. I was a toddler then, barely 2 months had passed since I started walking. We had gone to a Hill-Station over the weekend for a getaway. While I was playing with my Chu-chu (my favorite toy train) in the backyard … Continue reading Monkey Butt

Perfectly Flawed

When I first read of the Nazi ideology of the perfect race, the perfect human, I was so driven by it. I mean, I didn't like their approach to it but you sure can't deny how brilliant the concept was. Ofcourse there are a million other ways they could've achieved this with, not denying including … Continue reading Perfectly Flawed


Night time. The room was dark. But not more darker than what his heart had become. He was sitting down in the corner of his room, with his head lying on his folded hands which layed on his knees. He was drenched in sweat as he laid without switching on any air-conditioning. Sweat was dripping … Continue reading Murk