The Art of Honking

Period. I only call it an art because it takes immense skills for a highly classy person to honk at a time when he/she can clearly see that there is absolutely no choice but to wait. How do you do it? Please tell me! Its not that I'll follow the same, but next time when … Continue reading The Art of Honking

Something to Learn

Thursday night. I was sitting by my balcony after dinner, on my old rustic looking, distressed lazy chair. Its February and its chilled, but of course you know, the cold in Mumbai which has like the minimum temperature recorded ever of just 7.4°C. Now this is almost the average daily temperature in most parts of … Continue reading Something to Learn

Getting to know..

Its so crazy how we know a person exists because we have been seeing them from afar and meeting them on a few occasions, but none of them meant to you in any sense then. You have been doing it because you know them because of some mutual connection. A common friend perhaps. And this … Continue reading Getting to know..

Few days until…

Laughter. Fun. Bunking lectures. Unplanned travels. Food, all day. Ugh, what days those were. With the best people in life. And who would've known that now would come a time when each one is getting married. It just seems like yesterday we're sitting in Starbucks, enjoying our hot chocolates, discussing whose home to head next, … Continue reading Few days until…

Guess what?

Time flies soon. Like literally soon. I mean, it just feels like yesterday, I’m sitting on my cosy bean bag, sipping my black coffee and writing another Monday blog. But before I start detouring onto a little insight into how I finally began my WordPress journey, I am feeling so proud of myself and happily … Continue reading Guess what?