Period. I only call it an art because it takes immense skills for a highly classy person to honk at a time when he/she can clearly see that there is absolutely no choice but to wait. How do you do it? Please tell me! Its not that I’ll follow the same, but next time when I’m about to get out of my car to abuse you on face for honking continuously, I’ll have atleast an idea of what might be running in you magnificently brilliant mind that you couldn’t wait for even 10 seconds and chose to honk so much. Wow.

I’ve come across many idiotic vehicle drivers, but these ones are specifically the ones I feel deep pity about. I mean c’mon, how much struggle it must be for you to already be blind enough that you can’t see that it’s absolutely not possible for the car you’re honking at to move because of a valid reason you probably don’t want to see, and all you want to do is honk honk honk.

You know at times when someone is sitting into the car, you can wait. If the person sitting is an aged person, it is pretty much understood that he/she will take a lot much time than a youngster to sit, and have some respect to show them the respect by not honking! If the person sitting isn’t an elderly person, and they’re taking a lot than usual ‘unnecessary’ time to sit, then probably you should slam the horn onto their face.

But there are a few stupid people too who are in who knows what urgency, they’ll honk at you even when you’re waiting for the signal to turn green. I mean, if you’re in such a hurry, you probably should’ve been waiting on the signal ahead of my car so that you could just break in directly and not honk at me.

It’s the same reason I genuinely wish if it was possible that the cars manufactured were without a horn, and they make a rule to remove the horns from the cars! How peaceful would it be then, pleasant driving. And then we could all agree onto, ‘no Noise from the Sound car!’

12 thoughts on “The Art of Honking

  1. It is annoying. A case of one driver releasing their tension but making those ahead of them more tense.
    I am interested in the culture of ‘honking’ as rates seem to vary from country to country. I was amused on one visit to Greece to see warnings of heft fines for unnecessary honking – which was totally ignored by all drivers.

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  2. Agree!! Horn should be removed or enabled onky on emergency .. like only if the car is still for 5 minutes …
    another thing that irritates me the most is people not giving way to ambulance … my blood boils!! They will increase their speed but not let ambulance pass by!!!

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  3. Thats indeed a chain reaction being passed on from one to another.
    It sure differs from country to country, while some countries have restrictions but the question arises how effective they are and even if they are, there are people who are least bothered and willing to pay it up straight which makes the law useless.

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  4. Exactly! I mean I understand one must be in a hurry, but no problem is worse than someone whose life is dependent on a few minutes!
    There needs to be proper law and implementation of it!
    I seriously hope to see some improvement in this someday..

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  5. I hate a honking horn in stopped traffic too. Some people have a habit of tooting their horn when they see someone they know at an intersection, this I find very distracting.


  6. I can relate to this so much! The only conclusion I’ve been able to come up with is that those were special horns that helped the vehicle in front of them vanish into thin air. Except, the magic vaned off!


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