Thursday night. I was sitting by my balcony after dinner, on my old rustic looking, distressed lazy chair. Its February and its chilled, but of course you know, the cold in Mumbai which has like the minimum temperature recorded ever of just 7.4°C. Now this is almost the average daily temperature in most parts of the world, but trust me, in a span of like a decade is only when the temperature falls this low. So, in my 26°C ‘chilled’ balcony, I was just having my ‘Me’ time when my ‘dear’ sister pops up, always ready with something to annoy me or the most, trouble me because she can never see me at peace.

This time, she asks me one question, and I was baffled, because never ever before such a question popped up. Now I went wondering what possibly I could answer her with. At first it feels like its one of those easy questions and you can straightaway give the answer, but when you start thinking closely about what to say, you’d have to think a lot about it. And of course, why wouldn’t you!

She said and I quote, “What’s that one good thing you think you ever learnt from me?” Now, just to give you a background check, though I like my little trouble packet, there’s hardly any time when I actually must’ve praised her. Vice versa. So now when asked with such a question, that to by the person itself, that’s a bit of a task to think about because if she would’ve asked me what’s the thing I dislike, I probably would’ve a list longer than my mom’s grocery list because c’mon, I can sit and complain about my sister all day long! Or asked me something like what she’s good at, I could probably say a few good things, just so you know to feel her contended. But this!?

Lucky for me, she said you don’t have to answer me immediately. It’s okay if you take time ( by that she legit meant how much ever time you want, even years if needed) because she was like it could be the possible that there isn’t anything you see now that you feel the need to learn but there could be something in the future. So, it’s okay, no need to rush. I was again baffled seeing how much she’s grown as a person. Shocker, but proud. Maybe that’s something I learnt.

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