Its so crazy how we know a person exists because we have been seeing them from afar and meeting them on a few occasions, but none of them meant to you in any sense then. You have been doing it because you know them because of some mutual connection. A common friend perhaps. And this common friend at first had given you a very different idea of how this person is. So its natural that you wouldn’t look at them with that ‘friendly vibe’, but also you won’t make it obvious by being mean or showing that on face. Of course not.

Have you ever thought that the same person is in real life a very beautiful soul? I mean, nature is beautiful only when you observe it with your own eyes! Camera captures only the photos; the liveliness can only be felt when the same is there right in front of you. And to further more shock you a bit, this is ages old thing, like almost more than five to six years old easily. And in this span of time, the person who told you and the person about whom was told now share such a good bond, and you are totally unaware because c’mon, there are better topics to discuss in life than gossiping and hence you still had poison for them until the time you spent time with them over a trip or for some day long occasion.

Such things happen. It is only when you spend a considerable amount of time with them, that you know that they are beautiful from the inside too. Thinking in retrospect, if you would’ve talked much with them or too the efforts to know them, maybe you would’ve known them in much better manner. Anyways, what’s more important is that a second chance doesn’t go in vain.

I’m happy that we’re friends now, she being this all kind and caring a person she is, I sometimes feel sad to have misjudged her and not gotten to know her. Hopefully as time flies, our bond too shall grow!

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