Laughter. Fun. Bunking lectures. Unplanned travels. Food, all day. Ugh, what days those were. With the best people in life. And who would’ve known that now would come a time when each one is getting married. It just seems like yesterday we’re sitting in Starbucks, enjoying our hot chocolates, discussing whose home to head next, if we’re getting permission to drive car even for some time and incase we get permission for an all nighter, where to drive to by telling we’re going to watch the last show for the day at the far off theater where there’s no transport available by the end of the show.

Less than a week. That’s it. That’s it for the time left when my friend from my close friend’s circle shall be hitched for life. When she’ll say her vows and accept her then lawfully wedded husband. I’ve been counting days backwards with now only six days to go before she walks down the aisle.

When we first heard from her mouth, that she plans to get married, we all were gushing with a wide range of emotions. Happiness at its peak, but sudden shocks of excitement, anxiety, worry, and adrenaline pumping up with all plans running down the mind as to what to do, what to wear and how the wedding would possibly be planned out.

It sometimes gives me chills knowing we won’t find her whenever we visit her home as now she’ll be staying with her in-laws. But I’m happy knowing that she’s going to be happier living with her love of her life.

From a daughter to becoming a daughter-in-law, fiancé to wife, sister to sister-in-law, whatever role she plays for anyone, for us she’s always going to remain that one chicken leg piece eating friend, who speaks Hindi with a weird accent!

8 thoughts on “Few days until…

  1. Its interesting and scary at the same time as knowing you will be next in line soon!
    Thank you so much for reading,
    And I’m so so sorry for replying this late :’)


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