Time flies soon. Like literally soon. I mean, it just feels like yesterday, I’m sitting on my cosy bean bag, sipping my black coffee and writing another Monday blog. But before I start detouring onto a little insight into how I finally began my WordPress journey, I am feeling so proud of myself and happily content that I managed to complete one full year with WordPress today! 1 whole year. 52 Mondays, 52 Blogs! This legit gives me good chills. Only because I didn’t think I’d have been able to stick to a commitment like this.

I was so nervous back then when I first started with this. I used to write occasionally. I was a part of this community monthly magazine wherein I’d submit my writeup to be published, but that too I would submit like twice or thrice max in a year. I loved to write, but I’m a lot lazy too. Luckily, born in a family with such great writers like my mom, and other close relatives, I guess I had it in my blood though, but never really took the efforts to write. I always wished if ever there comes some technology where my thoughts are put to words directly and I wouldn’t even have to take the efforts of speech-to-text.

I very well remember asking my best friends and my parents and let’s not forget my nitwit younger sibling too, for advice and suggestions whether if I should proceed with something like this. It’d be a big blunder if I’d fail as it would have 2 major repercussions i.e., degrading my built image and an overall mental impact on self for not been able to live up to it. I originally had no plans to continue. I had made my mind up to close down my site, or for that matter put up a last post stating that I was taking a sabbatical from WordPress or something like that. But now with so many things happening in life, I all the more don’t feel like doing anything to my site. I want to continue with writing for furthermore months, indefinitely, and try to respond and read as many of my fellow blogger’s work as I can. I know I’ve been away for long, like really really long and haven’t been able to reply to any comments. I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart for this. I was occupied with a lot of work, which I’m still though, now learning to manage everything. I hope you guys forgive me.

You know, after I was firm with the decision to write and opening up a blog, the next hurdle was deciding on a blog site name. I wanted my initials and words/adjectives starting with those initials. Now how unlucky of me to have a surname with a letter ‘J’ which doesn’t have decent nice adjectives. And only the first name initial wasn’t enough to take me through the name. My theme of the blog was going to be more fiction-based reality and hence “Surreally”. And at the same time, it would be something that is completely meaningfully logical which wouldn’t make any sense. So, me with some help from a friend came up with the word ‘gibberish’ but which would start with ‘J’, so “Jibberish!”

Starting date. I had to have a date wherein I could celebrate my anniversary. And what better date than my Best Friend’s Birthday! Co-incidentally, these final plans were made in January, 2020. And my Best Friend’s birthday is on the 3rd of February. So, there you go! My one-year anniversary I never imagined I could celebrate. And the best part, I get to eat 2 cakes! Double celebrations.

I’m so grateful for all the love and support I got from each of friends & family, both virtual/online and the ones I keep meeting on almost a day-to-day basis. It’s this joint effort you see, because without all your love, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I want to keep going on and on and on with this, but then I guess there wouldn’t be much content left for the upcoming Mondays!

8 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. Hey Shaunak,
    Congrats on completing one year. That is indeed a great achievement. Not all bloggers who start blogging are able to do that !!! I’m sure the journey must have been an enjoyable one, with much learning at the same time too. Wish you all the best for your future days to come.

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