I often wake up at night
Not from the nightmares
But from the realities
That lash out all at once
It's so difficult to live
With all sorts of privileges
Born with a silver spoon
And fed with the same
Just name it and I'd say
Nothing but only yes
Having it all is not all
Completeness isn't there
Leaving things in between
I get bored so fast
Wandering mind I've got
Cannot stick to one
Chaos of such life
People don't understand
Born with facilities
Is the only thing they see
But try putting yourself
Where I'm standing
The world isn't the way
It must seem to you
Expectations onto us
Family is there to
But to prove yourself
All by yourself
Is what is much needed
I usually stay strong
Don't lose out such
And now I feel bad
To let it out on you

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