A few days ago I came across this rather odd thought, and now I just can’t stop thinking about it. I belong to the same sect and do it to other’s or for others on almost a regular basis. But never did I really think what it would be like to play the victim. What being someone’s puppet or muse would be like.

So the other day my younger sibling asks me this question, and I totally went into a state of deep thinking. She said and I quote, “Have you ever thought about if an Author were to write about you, describe you in a novel, what would he/she write?” And the very instance it just got me thinking!

What would be written about my appearance? How would I be described? Would it be like, ‘A handsome young man, with very light complexion skintone. Not as white as snow though, but not even the dusky. Has eyes brown like honey. And an everlasting evergreen smile. Has a bit of curly hair, who are brown in the core, but only show the visible brown shade in sunlight.’ Or would it be, ‘there stood a guy, as handsome he looked like the shining sand on a desert. Even his eyes were so beautifully brown, I felt like taking a dip into the honey pool. Smile so wide, the whole world could fit..’ Now thats something I can be the judge of.

What if the way I laugh becomes a national meme. I mean, I genuinely laugh my whole heart out, and have a wholesome, full body moving, loud, laugh! And if you’d hear and see me laugh, I warn you it’s contingous. Super contiguous. You wont stop laughing after. But how will this be put into an author’s write-up? ‘This man laughs his ass out’ or even worse, ‘Hold on fellas. What we have amongst us, is a man with a superpower. He can make anyone laugh just by laughing’. Sounds pretty awful.

I could get praised too. Like for example, I like to do gardening. They can call me an environmentalist. Or, I’m a minimalist and a recycler of products, and so ‘Our protagonist is a minimalist. He believes in sustainable living.’ I like the hear of that. If it were a comic write-up, I’m pretty sure, my swimming abilities would be portrayed as ‘Water bender’ and communication skills would be no different than that of Professor X. I wouldn’t mind that.

The possibilities are endless. I would’ve enjoyed, wouldn’t have enjoyed, that’s altogether a different story. Maybe I’d be soo very happy with only the fact that in this world, there exists a book or a blog about me, my life, etc. Someone could write a biography on me too. Ok now calm down Shaunak. You’re getting carried away too far. But isn’t this topic such that makes you put a thinking cap and start with all the possibilities of an Author mentioning you about and framing you as a protagonist or even an antagonist or a side character or anything! So what’s your take on this?

5 thoughts on “Life printed

  1. I’ve been there. It’s amazing to find you’re someone’s muse.
    Everytime they have a different way of describing you, it makes you feel on the top of the air.


  2. This is an interesting topic and after reading your description of laughing !!! I will happily read that book written on you๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š


  3. That humbleness/modesty wouldn’t be found in the description of said protagonist ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜› I’m just kidding! I myself still struggle with flattery, compliments… It takes a willing heart to see ourselves truthfully and not through our critic.


  4. Be careful what you wish for… I wrote a blog and subsequently a book about myself that portrayed me as a murderer… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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