Some people you wish you had met earlier
Their presence now makes your life more merrier
They are now so intertwined with your life inside
Its easier to untangle earphones but not their side

I once so madly wondered what’s it like to have a twin
And when i met this person, found my answers within
The only person whom I can be myself with
There’s still hope that not everyone judges your shit

Would you believe it if I told you something
I’m sure you’d be surprised on hearing that thing
There’s not one thing common in our taste
We both consider each of other’s choices a waste

Don’t mistaken it for judging you know
That’s never the case between us, woah
We respect each other truly to the core
And make sure other’s taste is taken care more

Millions of memories we share I cannot count
Yet from clicking photos we manage to surmount
We both believe in living the moment at its own pace
And we promised each other to not lie on face

The only person whom I now got drunk with for reals
I guess that’s what having trust in someone feels
I know we had our share of ups and downs
But rising back stronger we smiled on all frowns

I’m a lot moody and get cranky at times
But you’re the only one to handle all my whines
You know how lost I’m on waking up from sleep
You make sure i don’t get grumpy or weep

I have no many words to describe our bond you see
It’s a pure both way efforts I’m pretty sure about it
Just stay the way you’re in life and with me
I seriously love you unconditionally!

2 thoughts on “To my Best Friends,

  1. And there I thought you were describing me and my new love – but it turns out you’re on about your twin. 😉 Nice description of love unconditional.


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