It’s often not surreal you’re lost in life. The one who does know nothing of what to do, and just whine inside. Heavy heart, mind sore, you carry on your life. It’s your own battle that needs to be fought, own evils that needs to be destroyed. Slay it, sounds easy in theory, but the one facing it knows what challenges it brings. Killing a dragon for real looks easy in front of this. The pain, the turmoil, it’s all a difficult aftermath. Easy words be like, it’s a roller coaster with no brakes and only high steep falls, big loops.
Its life i guess, we all deal with at some point. Just how we deal determines how long this phase lasts.

2 thoughts on “Just.

  1. How I totally totally resonate with everything that’s said here.

    You’re right fight your demons is something we all know. But it’s always easy said than done.

    It goes so well with my thought process right now.
    And yes, the concluding para says it all!

    P.S- Shaunak kaha h?


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