Do you know how dreadful it is,
to even think about it!
It's been like almost 10 months now,
we haven't been able to meet.

We live in the same city
but right at the opposite ends!
Few many lot kilometers in between us,
well, this is about my best friend!

First Covid, then exams,
we both had our reasons to be fussy!
Now one is over, and other will soon be,
but now it is office that makes us busy!

You can say we can meet while travelling for office,
but it is at further opposite ends from our homes.
This year i guess so, we'll have to settle for,
by just meeting and talking to our garden gnomes!

There's so much to catch up about,
so much has had happened in all these past months!
The real joy in telling you is not over video and phone calls,
but with chilled beers, pyjamas and terrace with nightfalls!

5 thoughts on “The void between us

  1. I am already falling for the last line.

    I mean I did enjoy the whole poem, someone’s missing someone. Ahaaa😅
    Your work is so much about Fiction that I can’t even say it’s for real or this is again fiction. But whatever it is, it is cute😊


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