Do you do it too? Or am I the only one who’s this weird. I mean, I don’t know if it’s wrong to do it or not, but it’s something I need atleast few times, and now more often than before. If you’d see it from your perspective, it may seem wrong, but try putting yourself in my shoes. I mean it. It works like therapy for me. I used to feel bad about it before, but now that I’ve made peace with the fact that what is meant to remain yours, shall remain yours forever. So, if at all, they leave, they weren’t meant to stay in the first place.

Disconnecting to connect your own self. That’s what I’m talking about. Do you think it’s wrong to disconnect from everyone, even your loved close ones? Because by the things I’ve been hearing, I strongly feel that your perception yet remains that it’s completely correct to disconnect with people, but ‘your people’ shouldn’t be disconnected because they’re the one’s that lift you when you’re down. I agree. Not denying that.

I’m of the thought process that having some ‘me’ time is essential. Some time to reflect on how you act, how you think, how you reciprocate, it’s all required. We all talk to ourselves referring ourself in third person. This is healing, and it sure helps. It’s not always that we open up entirely to our loved ones. And even if we do, there’s always something, even if not so major, that we decide to keep it just for ourselves. Like our own little secret. That doesn’t make you a criminal. It’s okay, completely.

Do you know that not all locks are meant to be opened. Do you know that not all rivers want to be crossed. Do you know that not all communications need to have people, or anything for that matter. Certain things are so textbook accepted, we often forget to have a broader understanding of why, the most essential ‘Wh’ question needed to be asked of it. If pandora hadn’t opened the box, there wouldn’t have been that sickness, death and evil released. If nature wanted people to cross the river Choluteca, the bridge over it wouldn’t have been known to us today the way it is. Even if you’re broken, or not for that matter, it’s essential you spend time with yourself.

I dont feel any wrong that I cut off. I agree I don’t inform about it, but how am I supposed to. It’s not something you pre-plan to do, in most cases. Cut off is how you feel at the instance and just plan to vaporise. Come back more steadier, more healed. So, next time when you plan to give yourself some time, don’t have second thoughts!

PS: please don’t misinterpret depression with cutting off. They’re not the same! And I’m not in one.

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