The other day I boarded a local Bus to commute from a place back home. The seats are arranged in pairs of 2 with one facing the window and other, the aisle. The systems in local busses here is that there are no seat numbers alloted. So, as far as you have a valid ticket, you can sit on whichever seat you want, provided it’s vacant. And I was having a severe Sinus attack and all I wanted was to be able to rest my head on the seat. Bus seats don’t really have a head rest attachment and the only way I could lay my head on it is if i sit in a slant position on 2 seats. And I did just that.

Vacant bus. Like literally, the only number of passengers in there were 5 including me. That’s empty! And at every bus-stop, there would be on average 2 to 3 passengers boarding and getting off. So still, the bus is pretty much vacant as it has a capacity of around 60 seats. Do the math. If you would turn your head around to look when you’d board it, you’d have a lot many options as to which seat you would want to sit on. I soo wish some people knew that.

As my head was hurting, I had my earphones on tuning to my playlist and enjoying the window, sitting comfortably on both seats, pretty much had a back to rest my head and it had almost stopped hurting by now just until almost on every bus-stop, there’d be atleast one such passenger, who’d come near my seat and ask me to shift inside so that he can sit. I mean, what on earth have I done to you!? So many empty seats, so many options and you want me, a person in pain to shift because you want to sit on none other seats but this.

Can’t some see others being a bit comfortable? It’s not even against the law to not sit on 2 seats, because there’s no mention of the same. And just like It’s understood that one person should sit on one seat, its absolutely alright to have both seats occupied by one single person when there are plenty of other vacant seats for others. Do some find this amusing to trouble others?

I was soo not in mood to even start a quarrel. Just that one disgusting look I’d give and ignore the rest whatever if they blabbered. They’d go and sit on other seats. I mean, you could’ve gone and sat without having to even disturb me. But seriously, I absolutely don’t understand what goes on into their minds. I genuinely hope, their dead souls rest in peace!

9 thoughts on “Magnet

  1. Agree, if it’s an empty enough bus, I’d sit on an empty spot, even if it means sitting way behind the vehicle. It’s much more comfortable having an entire row to yourself. Plus, with all this pandemic thing, isn’t it better to be away from people? Hope you’re feeling better.

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  2. You are a magnet indeed 😅weird na, I wonder why people do that … just the fact that you are occupying a whole seat is difficult for them to take in I guess .. hope u are feeling better now

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  3. Lmao! That was indeed frustrating. It’s utterly insane when people do that. Some men in the gents also make use of the convenience close to you when other ones abound and are clearly unoccupied. It’s fucking nuts.

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  4. Exactly! and that’s what a normal person would do, only if such people knew,..
    Yes, I’m much better now
    And I’m so so sorry for replying this late :’)

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  5. I wouldn’t mind being a magnet, only at other places like a club or so, but a bus..nooooooo
    I’m definitely much better now, thanks! ❤
    And I'm so so sorry for replying this late :')

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  6. Totally! I wish there are more refined people around!
    Having a class is something that comes from the inside and can’t be imbibed or forced onto..
    I just hope no one has to deal with them!

    And I’m so so sorry for replying this late :’)

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