The phone rang. Unknown caller. I picked up. Before I could say Hello, the person on the other side said, “Heyy”. 1 word, just 1 word I heard and my heart skipped a beat. I knew who called, very well aware. Just that I hadn’t anticipated a call this soon, and moreover at this time of the night.

It was not a few days ago, I met this gorgeous girl with a wit so lit. Her charisma lured me more towards her like how Jerry gets to the cheese. On our first eye-lock, I took the courage to talk to her. Little did I knew, she was such a free soul. No ego, no unnecessary show. Pure soul. Though she looked like those fancy FTV models, her inner being could easily be seen just by how she responded.

We spent the afternoon talking and ofcourse ate our lunch too. Food is the most common of other likings, other been our craziness. She was leaving the very day to go back to her hometown, so I asked her if I could get her number so that we could stay in touch. She agreed, but with a twist. She asked me my number and said, she’d be the one to make the first call, and that she’ll make after she reaches home.

Days would pass by then, as I thought throughout as for various reasons, primarily being a girl usually never asks a guy’s number and second being when she said she’ll call after she reaches, its also a slight indication of that she won’t be calling at all. And hence when my overthinking mind was proved wrong and I got a call within just 2 days, I was a little over the moon as also a complete ‘what should I do now’ types.

Took a deep breath, and started a conversation. The call lasted for almost 2 hours, and we didn’t even realise. It just felt like the first luncheon, though with more giggles and at complete loss of time. It was time for sunrise, and so was her bedtime now. Sometimes, long distances are beyond measures, and all they bring on the face is Joy.

10 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Wit so lit… and all they bring on the face is Joy… that too joy with a capital J. Wah!
    Cool Shaunak, good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What makes you write the joy wity J capital? Is it personifying something or someone? 🀭

    Anyways the description of this friend of yours is amazing. Especially the lines wit so lit,
    No ego, no unnecessary show, just full of craziness.

    And just to tell you, girls definitely asks for a guys number, but the thing is they don’t call pehleπŸ˜…

    Nice write up Shaunak!
    See you around ✨

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  3. Hehehh yeah!, it was a reference used for a friend.
    Thanks for the wishes!
    And I’m so so sorry for replying this late :’)


  4. That was meant to address someone special, and I’m glad that the message reached its intended user perfectly!
    Yes I know this friend of mine is pretty much amazing, afterall its’ my friend!
    Crazy, totallyy!!!
    Aha, I’ll keep that in mind the next time..
    See you around!
    And I’m so so sorry for replying this late :’)


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