Festivity cleansing. It’s a regular in the house. Like the most recent one was for the festival of Lights, Diwali. All nook and corner of the house is wiped clean so that when guests arrive at home, the atmosphere should be pure and uninterrupted. The cleaning starts almost a week before the festival just so that the entire load of cleaning doesn’t fall on one single day. Smart move though.

But the thing I dont understand of this cleaning is why ‘throwing away my old novels’ is considered a part of the clearing process! Like c’mon, so much efforts went by in getting those books. Saving up penny by penny to reach the desired contribution to then purchase the book awaited. Its a slow process then, but definitely worth the wait. And on top of it, it gets the tag of ‘I purchased it’ over randomly someone gifting it. So that feel is altogether different. And all these year’s collective efforts are all tossed out of the window like a bug tossed away by the car’s wipers when they hit the windshield.

So I’ll tell you what my collection is. Its a huge wall made specifically for storing books, precisely my books. And it’s almost full. This mahogany wood bookshelf contains all my favourite reads and a memory treasure of how each book got a new home to live. Just name a book in the thriller and mystery category and it’s all there, alphabetically arranged based on the author’s surname. Yeah, I’m very particular about where each book should be.

But whats the point of all this, if in the cleaning process these books are to be shown the way out, I’m all shattered to pieces! It’s like these books are my Horcruxes and with each book considered garbage, I loose bit of my sanity. I mean yeah, its needed, because who throws away anyone’s god damm books! Also, did I mention that I also have a newspaper dated back to 1934 in my library collection?

All I hope now is that I reach my house in time before these books are all ‘rested in pieces’. Surely just a nick in time can save me an entire bookshelf of mine!

12 thoughts on “Cleansing

  1. Maybe remind whoever sees dusty pages that each book is filled with words. Words that change with each passing age and every read. As you grow, so too the words in those books grow.

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  2. Wow you have a paper dated 1934!! Awesome!! You know, I was featured in a random pic once, in a newspaper in 2006, when I was buying a Rakhi for my brother. a year later, my brother was ready to throw the paper away! I was so furious 😂
    I so relate to this post. I keep telling repeatedly to all at home to not give away any books without my permission!!! Never!!

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  3. Very true. I remember reading a few self help books when I was a kid and again for a change I reread them and the meaning they give me the second time was so much more.


  4. The only sanity left was now lying outside my house. I guess, i should call myself now as complete gibberish xD.

    Now hmm, thats a new. I don’t really like my kindle much as nothing can be compared to the fresh smell of books. But thanks to the goodreads link, I’m adding this to my shelf.

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  5. That’s so interesting! I always wanted such a random candid to be published atleast once, never did it happen though.

    I’m tired of telling them all the same. So now I lock my books in the cupboard and my clothes lye around all about the room 🤣

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  6. Dude keep your room locked! Then put a spell and a three headed dog outside to guard the door. Such a neat collection of yours, it is indeed a crime to even think about disturbing the setting.

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  7. I know right! Wish I could adopt it from Hagrid, or for that matter Newt for they have such an amazing collection of pets!
    Anyways, they’re safe now as I managed to fight for them and win! yay!
    And I’m so so sorry for replying this late :’)


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