It is at times that I feel I'm lost,
Everything faded as I'm standing amongst..
Empty is the feeling on the inside,
Oh wait, am I trapped inside my own mind?

Lots of tricks it plays with me.
Hard to figure what really is the reality..
The light at the end of the tunnel,
Turns out to be the moon in a star-less night!

Who can help me, whom should I tell?
My mind is the master of pretend!
It puts up a happy face like joker with the mask,
And tortures the body to the shock!

Outsmart it, you tell me how should I do?
Its my own mind, you see, it already knows!
I'm lost in the forest, the dessert, the ocean..
It's this minds that plays all these notion!

15 thoughts on “Trapped Mind

  1. It’s the case always! Worse is in the mornings. My phone alarm rings and simultaneously my mind also rings one in my dreams. So now I switch the alarm off in my dreams and the one on my desk keeps ringing. Every morning scenes.

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