To the time when there were sparrows outside my window, chirping all along as they ate the berries off the trees. Ohh the melody still rings fresh in my ears.

To the time when the locality was more like a township. Less people and more greenery. Now I see it’s just the other way around, with few trees left in the urban jungle populated by humans.

To the time when skies were lush ocean blue. Hardly any cloud in the chilly winter skies. Now the smog makes everything just too dull.

To the time when I was a small kid with no life pressures. Now I feel them more than that of a pressure cooker.

To the time when the afternoon siestas would be the most boring of all, as the hunger to play would take our sleeps away. Now even imagining about a break is a mere form of luxury.

To the time when we would thrive on our abilities. Now, life revolves more around various responsibilities.

To the time when we would all sit together for lunch and dinner as a big whole family. Now, getting to eat a peaceful 10 minute dinner with everyone could still be counted as a blessing.

To the time when we ate some healthy home cooked meal everyday. Now ordering online has not only increased our bellies, and drained our pockets, it has also make us prone to various food infections.

To the time when we never even heard about the word ‘pandemic’. Now all we do is merely just panic.

To the time when we had time to do what ever we wanted to do. Now, with tight busy schedules and draining energy levels, there’s hardly any time we’d get to even know what time it is.

To the time when life was soo sorted. I would probably have not cribbed about it like how I do now.

13 thoughts on “Take Me Back

  1. I couldn’t think of anything the entire day and the past entire month infact! But didn’t want to miss out on my streak, so had to brainstorm for something!

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  2. Nice! Very relatable.
    BTW have you seen Cloud Atlas (2012 film)? Just thought of it while reading your post.

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