It was Friendship Day recently and as I had said earlier, I don’t believe in the concept of celebrating relations only on one specific day, so it was just another Sunday for me. Though this post is about Friends and their importance in my life, it’s rather something new and unusual which probably you might’ve seen coming by now if you’ve been following my posts for a while. I don’t do the obvious.

I’ve few real friends in my life. By few, I don’t mean 2 or 3, the number is obviously much more than that. And I always cherish them whenever I get a chance and they know it too, so I won’t be talking about them today.

These other people whom I’m referring to are no less than friends who had a silent yet life changing impact on me, and so I wish to dedicate this post to them. Although they won’t be able to even read this blog because they aren’t privileged enough like you and me to use technology, or for that matter, read and write. But I just wanted to send a message here, that some friendships are beyond race, status and age. I’m not at all ashamed to publicly accept them and their presence in my life is just as important to me as the sunshine.

Starting with this one uncle who has a small roadside candy shop right across my apartment, whose lovely smile I get to see almost every day. When I was a toddler, I had a house help, who knew almost everyone in the vicinity. He’d take me with him for a round and interact with them. That’s how I first met this ever smiling man. He doesn’t have kids, and he lost his wife last year. His customers are the school children who come to purchase candies from him. I wonder how he makes a living with just that and yet every time I see him, I see a huge wide smile. He silently reminds me that despite all problems, one must never forget to smile! I don’t know his name though, but we always ask each other if everything is fine and then he’d remind me how he has seen me from being this tiny kid to a grown man.

Next are these small kids (though not so small as you think, they’re in their early college years) where I went to teach them as part of a NGO I was associated with. They all come from backgrounds we cannot imagine. But their determination and hunger for education is very inspirational. It’s them who made me realize and our problems are a hurdle for us, only because we see it that way. The day we change our perspective towards our problems, we’ll start seeing a roadmap rather than a block everywhere. Wow, I mean who knows what real problems are rather than them, facing hardships at every step! And just that thriving flame in their eyes spoke everything to me.

And lastly, this one person who works as a security guard in a Bank. He must be roughly of my father’s age, maybe 4-5 years older. He always carry this rifle on his shoulder, looks neat and funny, but it’s always bold to see. He has been working at that branch since I was a kid I recall, as I don’t remember seeing any other security guard besides him. He’s a very jolly person, interacts with almost every customer who visits the bank. And since he knows me for ages now, that welcome smile on his face is what keeps all frowns off the gate. While leaving, he’d always ask if the work I came for was done and if I needed any assistance with anything. His willingness to help others is really appreciative and a rare quality you find these days.

How nature works its miracles is quite astonishing. Those who don’t have anything are the best givers and those privileged with everything are greedy for more. Like the law of nature, how something you give comes back to you, I gave them my friendship and got my life in return!

PS: Since I write a lot of fiction, I just wanted you guys to know that every word written above is true till the last word. Yes, it’s for real and not reel.

34 thoughts on “Some friends like them…

  1. Nice, such friendships. And you’re lucky to have many more than 2 or 3 real friends. I count 6 in my life – well, two of those are a married couple, so technically it’s 8 people.


  2. This is such a beautiful post! Simply, truly BEAUTIFUL!
    Thanks Shaunak for writing this piece. πŸ™‚ Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hehehh thanks bud.
    I’m a part of Dharam Bharti Mission, they cater education for all sorts of underprivileged kids, here in Mumbai. Thanks for asking.
    And really sorry for replying this late!

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  4. Yes definitely! And they all shine bright reminding me that they’re there no matter what! Thanks
    And sorry for replying this late..


  5. You’re welcome. I wanted to cheer myself a bit because i feel bad i never mention any of my friends in any of my posts and i had this fear of losing someone out while pin pointing specific, so I thought why not cherish the other Friendship that I have which is equally true..
    Felt good too after writing this. Thanks


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