Do you know how many International Days do we celebrate? Well, even I’m not sure of the exact number as the United Nations keeps adding more to the list, but as of now, there are more than a 100 days celebrated for various occasions and reasons. But when you closely look at it, some of such days sound complete pointless, I mean it’s really a pity that we have to have a special day allocated for celebrating or dedicating our time for it. Just to justify what I’m saying, let’s take an example of a very recent ‘special day’ that went by. On 24th July, it was International Self-care Day.

Yeah, sounds funny right! I mean a complete day dedicated to people to make them aware that caring about your own self is also an important part of life. Are we so busy with our lives that we have absolutely no time to care about ourselves? Forget family and friends, does nurturing oneself need to be taught now? All the education in the world and still some organization had to come up with a day because people chose to ignore caring about themselves. There are still people who consider this as a sign of weakness. It’s against the manly-hood of some male ego’s to show care because apparently men are supposed to be ‘tough’. Okay, cool, accepted. But won’t taking care of yourself in private and not let anyone know that you’re actually caring, gets the purpose served too?

An interesting fact I found about this day is its date actually. Numerically, it is represented as 24/7 meaning taking care about yourself, not just on that particular day, but for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A well thought out date, right? A clear message itself in the date giving a reminder to caress about oneself.

Now do you know there is a World Compliment Day too? I mean, again a day for humanity to know that they should appreciate and acknowledge others for their very existence (also includes complimenting those whose face we feel like punching sometimes because they’re literally no less than a burden on this earth as per us). Yeah sadly, we humans have lost the essence of everything we could have valued, and sadly now a day needs to be allotted so that you can value it at least for that one day. International Mother’s day, International Father’s day, International Siblings day, etc including all the relation’s day as also days allotted for some human actions like World Breathing Day, etc celebrated across the globe.

The sad part is that our lives are occupied with such temporary temptations and invaluable things, that we often miss out on the treasures we possess. A reminder needs to be set by means of such days that you own such treasures. And it’s all back to square one as soon as that day’s over.

Why do we need one particular day to celebrate? Why can’t or rather why don’t we show our love and affection when there’s time and only regret later by thinking if we would’ve utilized that. Why do offer flowers to the dead and not bring them any when they were alive? Why do we weep on someone’s death but kept making excuses when it was possible for us to meet them?

Some things need deeper understanding. But some things change. A change from within. Value everything and everyone like it’s your last day today and you’re meeting them for the last time. Probably you might start looking at life with far wider open arms. And then hopefully someday, we wouldn’t have to celebrate a particular day for something we could do it every single day!

24 thoughts on “The International Day of Days’

  1. This is so true, I personally am not a fan of such days and stuff but when I gave it a second thought, it doesn’t seem that the day is to remind you to do something that day, it is to remind one to remember that it even exists in our lives and try to incorporate it, a way of awareness.
    It really is sad that the world has come to a point where such days need to be capitalised as well! But then, I have also seen a few people actually change after reading up about such days and help having more conversations and destigmatize many of the things out there!
    And that I guess is the only reason I can find to justify these!

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  2. Hehehh yeah! I literally sat with the list of all international holidays, picking up the funny ones I could write something on. Its hilarious and sadistic at the same time.


  3. Yep, true. But its also a cultural thing. Like you see in the western life, everyone is used to living a separate life, away from others. For eg., in a family of 4, the kids would be staying separate from their parents and from among themselves too. But its not the case with the eastern culture. Here most people live with their parents and siblings. Since in the western life, you aren’t used to seeing your relations everyday, the concept of having a day dedicated to it was a necessity. I don’t blame the culture, but it all sums up to it.


  4. Now I think we should have an
    International ‘International Day’ Day,
    Where we celebrate the celebrating of international days.
    Do I make any sense? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  5. I agree that showing love just one day isn’t enough and I personally don’t like celebrating these days but if we see at our busy lives don’t you think somewhere these days help us appreciate the love and care which we usually forget because of our fast pacing lives?

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  6. Do you know today is ‘comment-like-subscribe-share’ day? Apparently, it was started by a YouTuber who thought this should be a Thing. Wow!
    Guess, these reminders work only for those who have forgotten and are waiting for a reminder. I agree with Kushal Gorti’s point and your ‘cultural angle’ point.
    [And yes, there is no such thing as a ‘comment-like-subscribe-share day’, I mean I have not checked. Lol.]

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  7. I will disagree with you. You know me for many years now and we’re practically family, and you know it too that we dont have to have a day for loving and caring about each other. I agree that in our fast pacing lives, we seldom meet and talk, but that doesn’t change anything. I know you’re there for me and you know I’m there for you and at the end of the day it’s all that matters

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  8. Yes, imagine how worse a life could be if it had to be reminded to those things which at the first place are the essentials of survival!

    There are 2 actually, International Men’s day and International Women’s day. I feel they’re really pointless, I mean what is there to really celebrate about that?


  9. I’m sure i missed on that too! Anyways, I’ll soon hop in to like and comment on your posts as I’ve already subscribed to them though this is not YT. Most days are started because of such random reasons, who knows you might start some day too in the future! Interested?


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